Sutures / Those You Love


Are you validated
Holding onto your hatred?
Building dilapidated
Sandcastles despite the pavement

Is this your standard nature
Fingering tiny sutures?
You overdraw from your sources
There is no wiring left to pick

Of what do you speak when you're
Preaching about loyalty or respect?
What's that?
Of who do you speak when you're
Talking about real ones? Was that not me?
Was that not me?
I'm identifying fiction
Correcting my diction if it comes off too vicious
You were spittin' with your lip split
Drunk off a long island in the basement
Of a mutual friend

And I still thought of you in shades of blue
But you just wanna talk shit
You wanna talk reckless like I'm
Never gonna hear it
Those you love find you in the dark
And they leave you there too

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