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What Michael?
Yo Why the fuck are you acting like this?
I'm not acting like anything!
Why are you hanging up on me like you don't care what I'm saying like one second you're saying you love me forever the next you're acting like you wish you never fuckin met me...hello?.....HELLO?
You not gon respond ?
I don't have anything to say
What the fuck ever man
It's not my fuckin fault I told you I'd call you when I was ready to talk
I just wanted to say something to you
Well write a fucking song about it or something
(Verse 1)
Yes, I've made my share of my stakes...took more than my share of the stakes;
Whenever you needed me there I was late, or absent but I had a lot on my plate;
No, no I'm not making excuses again;
My plan had been solid the moment we latched, we started off by having no strings attached but you can't tie a knot if it's loose at the ends;
And I get that now, you would stand up for us I would sit back down I can't live that down;
You said I was a tool let me fix that now, make you mad enough to scream and I miss that sound;
And that's fucked up, but I'm crazy in love or just crazy for love or just crazy as fuck;
But I'll do what it takes, yeah you've taken enough loves orgasmic for sure this is making me nuts like..;

I keep, hearing in my head you say you love me
I didn't give you all you could have gotten from me
That's why I'm here alone, talkin reckless on the phone
Then you text me back to say you can't be
Getting drunk texts from a sober nigga
It's too late too let out what you've been holdin in I
Can't sit hear and hear you talking like you don't remember
You're the only one I was down for

(Verse 2)
She said nigga you must have a whole lot of nerve calling me at this time claiming that you deserve;
A do over which both of us know you won't earn, I'm only cold hearted cause I let it burn;
You left me to simmer and sulk in my pain then pop up out the blue poppin shit like a lame;
I could give a fuck less bout the fortune and fame it's not worth all the stress but I wish you the best and she hangs;
Up, and I sit with the phone to my head like a dumb ass;
Should have known that you can never put yourself first and make love last;
I may be crazy in love or just crazy for love or just crazy as fuck but I know;
We can weather the storm through the sleet and the snow and especially thunder it can't be the O"
Hook (x1)

"Voice mail calls"

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