You carry the load all on your own
Took care of the house when I was on the road
You gave me money to pay on my telephone
You always treated like a queen up on a throne
You helped me out you were nice to my friends
You took my mama out to dinner paid the bill in the end
You were there for me when I needed you
You were there for me when I needed you

By you, I mean me
By you, I mean me
By you, I mean me
I was the who tried my best to keep it strong
By you, I mean me
Wouldn't you agree
[Verse 2:]
You laughed at my jokes when they weren't even funny
You never slept around when I didn't give you honey
You waited all night while I stayed out late
Drinking whiskey with the fellas and you never complained
You made me a key to your house one day
Even wrote me a song from a little café
You were there for me
When I needed you
When I needed you


[Vamp:] (4x)
Remember when you left the flowers by my door
(That was me)
Remember when you wanted more I gave you more
(That was me)
Baby, maybe it's time that you will see
Just why I let you go free

I never wept when I wanted to cry
I didn't wanna say goodbye
Don't you remember
Ooh, don't you remember yeah

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