Sleep Well



Verse 1

I been laying in bed
With a blunt
In my hand
Wondering what would happen when I die
Blunt between my lips
I take a hit
Now I'm getting high
In the sky
Perspective all of a sudden changing
Now I'm thinking about what to eat

I don't want to die
But when I'm not high
All I can think about is death
Nobody needs to know of this
I put messages in my songs
So that people might
Actually understand
How I truly feel on the inside
I got Leslie back
But I feel something driving me crazy
It might just be my heart
So I'ma take my ass to Walmart
And find myself some pain killers
Cause I ain't got the xans
Nor do I wanna take them
I'ma fake it
Cause Im forsaken

Verse 2:

Hopping out the shower
With a black flower
I'ma light it up
Blood rushing through my veins
Guts gushing but it's all the same
Devil seeping through callin' my name
See them peeping my business with no shame

Smoked out like the five cities of the plain

6 6 6

Sippin that sprite with that codeine
Feelin' nauseous bout to regurgitate
Back in my room
Layin I'm feeling fade

Falling asleep
Now I'm getting fucked up in my dreams
I'm up up and away
Turning a new age in may
Who the fuck am I lovin say
Got a 40 of oe
Don't act like you know me
In my dreams
You back up me ,shorty
Don't act like you know me
In my dreams you back up me, shorty

20 on the 240
I'm hoping now that you know me
You'll tell me that you're sorry
Bitch I'm just in it for the money

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