I know it's wrong
I know he's rough
I don't know what to do
But we've been through enough
I know it's time
And yet I play
Maybe I like it this way
I see his pain
I hear his cry
He pulls me to the edge
But I don't ask him why
I understand
And I obey
Maybe I like it this way
I like the way he laughs
His strange and silent stare
I like the way he moves
The way he's always there
The way he calls my name
The way he takes control
I like the way this man has stirred my soul:
"When I first met Burrs, he was grand. You understand?
But I was scared and awfully lonely
Hungry. And hopeful. How could I know?"
Maybe tomorrow it comes crashing down
Maybe next week I'll find another clown
Maybe I'll try to go a different way
But look who's sitting here today
If I could change
If I could grow
I'd ask for nothing more
And through that door I'd go
But if I'm through
Why do I stay?
Maybe he wants me
Maybe he needs me
Maybe he loves me
Maybe I like it this way

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