What is it about her
That makes me want her?
What is it about her
That turns me pale?
Something in her smile
Something that I'll never understand
Her wild abandonBURRS
What is it about her
That parts the waters?
What is it about her
That hoists the sail?QUEENIE
I know it's wrong
I know he's rough

I don't know what to do
But we've been through enoughBURRS
Something in her hair
Instructing where to touch
Why do I need her so much?
This woman makes me cry
This woman makes me burn
This woman's eye can cut me to the core
The hatred that I see
Has been reserved for me
Yet I want more
And more
And moreBURRS
And what is it about her
That pulls me closer?
What is it about her
That tips the scale?QUEENIE
That way he's always there

His strange and silent stareBURRS
This girl is all I have
So soft so fair, so fine
And she's forever mine
This woman builds me up
This woman tears me down
This woman speaks and I can break apart
Now comes another man
Pretending he can win her heart
Well, let him start
What is it about her
So slight, so secret?
Something in the way she catches lightBURRS

Should I hold my own
Or be alone -
What is it about her
That jumbles feelings inside?
What is it about her
That mixes passion with pride?QUEENIE
Who's wrong?
Who's right?
I've never known
Now -
We fall
We fight
What is it about him?
So coarse, so queer
What is it about him...
That holds me here?BURRS
Could I live without her
And let her go?
How loud must I scream

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