Who needs money?
Not me
Who needs fortune or fame?
I don't need a new career
A sympathetic ear
A name
All I need is time to play
Only want the game
Point me to the mic
I know what I like
Don't you wanna be
The life of the party?
Don't you wanna be
The cream of the crop?
Don't you wanna feel those shivering fits
'Til someone calls it quits
Or someone calls a cop?
Don't you wanna land
The role of a lifetime?
Well, you better get down on one knee
'Cause you could play the life of the party
If you can pray with me

Who needs lovers?
Not I
Who needs Heaven above?
Don't have time for things unsaid
For baking bread
For love
All I need is room to fight
Hand in fisted glove
Point me to the sky
It's my turn to fly

Don't you wanna be
The life of the party?
Don't you wanna be
The top of the heap?
This is where the jamboree never ends
Why not be counting friends
Instead of counting sheep?
If you wanna join
The Heavenly Choir
Hurry up and get yourself in line
But don't you pass the life of the party
Until you pass the wine

Let the drinks pour
Let the crowds roar
Let the Heavens wildly cheer
'Til the sunrise
Brings the goodbyes
I'll be here
Never fear

Who's it gonna be
The life of the party?
Who's it gonna be now
The king of the hill?

Don't you wanna be there
Running the show
Until it's time to go
Or 'til it's time to kill?

Don't you ever wanna be
Somebody to envy
Don't you wanna be
Footloose and free?
Well, you could be the life of the party
If you
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