I know nothing about you
Where you live
Where you're from
What you do
Where you go
Tell me something about you
Why you're here
What you want
Who you know
(spoken) Who are you?
I live uptown
I live alone
I came from Chicago two months ago
I work at a club
Hold the door
Nothing more
Then I met Kate
And I met you
And what I wanted when I entered
Shouldn't be a big surprise
I wanted change
I wanted something to excite me
Wanted change
I wanted someone who would need me
Wanted softness and seduction
Passion and attention
Someone to believe in
Then I looked into your eyes
Your heavenly eyes
And I knew
Wishes can come true
Now I believe in you
Out of the blue
Out of the blue
You came and saved me
When I was running blind
I was a fool
I was afraid
And when I met you
I had other plans in mind
But now, I hear it
Now I feel it
I feel it flowing inside me
Something growing inside me
Pushing me to it
Tell me
"Do it!"
Can this be what I've waited for?
Can this be what I've heard?
Something stirring is being said
But without a single word
This is what I was born to do
So there's nothing to fear
Touch me now
Touch me here!

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