Kyle Goodspeed

The Introduction



Play this in your residential area
I'm bout to cause hysteria
Maybe even leave them a little delirious
They must all be named George cause they all so curious
How the kid be flowing and he isn't that serious
Magnificent is how I' described when I clutch the microphone
Tonight's the night that I hold my own
Against anybody who think they're worthy
I know you all just heard me
MVP like I'm Curry and even Cam's representing
Unlike him, I will never stand to be second
I will never ever scram if I'm threatened
I'm not sorry if it's their choice to reckon with the deadliest weapon
I might not do this with fashion
But at least there's a lot of passion
As I'm passing everyone
On my way to the top
There will never be a day that I stop
So my enemies pray that I drop
But they know I stand alone as a proud individual
I know that anything I say could be pivotal
Because I'll be right there with Joey, KDot, and Cole at hip-hops pinnacle

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About "The Introduction"

The first track/introduction on Wavy K’s debut mixtape Just Another Day.

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