Opening ceremonies and minds
We rob from the rich, rabid, to the wretched
The sebutones is what we are, not who we are
We three kings
Shit talking thin pricks
Domestic affairs and book reports
There is no such thing as free will

From a huge crowd of white folk the sebutones emerge and see images of crippled civilians and 50,000 galvanized elvis’s
Avoid dilapidated raps like fried food, because they angry up the blood and pus
And plus they poison the work place
So listen here jerk face
You better think twice before you start dumping mechanical bullshit on digital citizens
Never mind their bitings always been the number one no no
Diamonds are forever, and children of god are in their twenties
I’m tripping off memories of naked celebrities and hemorrhoid remedies
Bow legged brunettes and peroxide blondes both get buried in the rock slide
I memorized your manifesto
Emcee space lyrics in the Bille Jean dance routine
I need you in my life, like heaven needs hell
I’m neutral
Even nihilism radiates a canon
It’s crucial
Cruel and unusual
From here to the crap nebula
We bring misery
Calculus and turn table wizardry

Turn table wizardry. (Whispered)

Check one last time to make sure your neural enhancers are fastened correctly
Because straight
We rock flows and verse appears regardless of the conditions
They try to stifle our admissions and stagnate our positions
?Well heres my opposition.?
The nomadic intelligent freak
Compelling to speak over beats
Designed in science laboratories instead of the street
Boulevards where hard guards are bone tards positioning themselves as demigods
Uh. Uh
Compelling odds are stacked against us in our format
Wipe your feet upon the doormat when you’re entering the quarantine
There’s your ultimate right to passage
Double sided on wax
Manufacture that
Mount weather
Capturing the rapture
The clever nomadic societies
In the exponential leaps and bounds
Clocks keep and sounds
We too deep for these clowns
Your passive resistance is no match for hypnotics
So shut your lips
Stop it
So get your clip
Why these poo’s say I’m polished?
Willing opposition for those worthy to battle are greeted by spells and snake rattles
Aids and poison cattles can’t faze
All a praise goods and services that are laced with nervousness and malnourishment

It’s no skin off my ass if you got the anti christ on the front cover
Pushing and shoving
I’m the gushing bloody cunt lover
An abomination has been created which requests for global domination
Parody based on elaborate scams and charity cases
Take my hatred in your mouth and forever hold it sacred
Shocked and suspended in cells of animation
Atmospheric contamination with a pocket full of coffin spikes
And all I can ask is do you like music

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