Lew Salem



(Verse 1)
Tonight, it’s rough fuckin’. I don’t know about that Ghost Bustin’
Boo, but I do know about that gut bustin’
Whether it’s from the jokes I tell, or dick in your stomach
If you wrap yourself up in between my sheets, you’ll be comin’
Girl that head so dummy, should sit that ass in my lap
The way I’m beatin’ up that cat, you havin’ asthma attacks
I swear that pussy is money, fuck it ‘til cash come out
And all the neighbors know my name, just ask around
I put it down, like a real nigga ‘sposed to do
I know you feel some type of way when I’m close to you
You still frontin’ for your friends? Shit, come on boo
All you gotta do is holla and I’ll come on through
On the real, you know you love it when I get to spittin’ game
I know them other dudes be callin’ but we know them niggas lame
My techniques are unique, they really hard to imitate
Simulate or emulate, because I always stimulate
Sex and small talk tonight
Fool around under blue lights
We can do anything you like
Girl we just, havin’ fun tonight

We gon’ have some fun tonight (x3)

(Verse 2)
I got the remedy for your negatives
Treat you like the president, let you take precedence
Treat you like the boss you is, making you feel executive
You done came five times by the time I press it in; excellent
Late night playlist on, now we jammin’
Speed up the tempo, headboard slamin’
Execute the moves like computer programmin’
Okay, I’m just playin’, you know a nigga don’t plan it
Stab my saber in your guts, like a Tauntaun
Keep me warm all night, like I left my socks on
See, you need a real G, to hit it spot on
I would show you but I can’t, cause you still you got your thong on
Now, I ain’t stupid I can tell that you nervous
I done spit a lot of game, you think it’s only lip service
Now lady, I’m not a clown, I ain’t never like the circus
But trust I’m packin’ a cannon that’ll blast you where the birds is
(Chorus and Hook x2)

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About "S.A.S.T."

The song is rapped/sung from the perspective of a woman’s lover whom wants to strip down the process of making love and just have sex for the night.

He just wants to have fun with his girl for the night, as they already have the emotional bond and relationship that allows them the luxury of exploring their sexual desires.

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