[Verse: Ashtin Larold]
Let me show you how to do this "One Take" shit
First, you get a microphone and put it in your basement
Then you get a camera and a tripod to tape it
Then you hop up on this motherfucker and go apeshit
Hey, it's me, snap on the beat
Took a sabbatical, now I'm back up on the scene
These rappers are mad at me 'cause a cracker's stacking cheese
I been snapping since battling motherfuckers as a teen
Oh, you ain't seen? What the fuck do you mean!?
Search "white rap", I'm the first on the screen
I ain't trying to flex with the numbers, but every single view
Gets me one step closer to my dreams
I wanna make history
That's what this is to me
It's not a hobby, a job, or a trick for me
I am not here to compete with these gimmicky bitches
I'm here for one thing, and that's victory!
Don't get it twisted, though
I'm not trying to be furious
I can have fun as a lyricist
I just figured since the competition seems pretty thick
I would show everybody that I'm serious
Now, on a lighter note, I got a fire flow
You better watch me now 'cause it's my time to blow
Actually, it's been my time for a couple years now
If you didn't know, it's probably 'cause your watch was broke
I'm not trying to gloat, but I am the G.O.A.T
'Bout to fuck the whole game like it dropped the soap
Call me Hillary: I'm 'bout to have the popular vote
"Whoa! Did he just hit 'em with the politics jokes?"
Yeah, your boy's got wit like Lowry
I'm trying to get a deal like Howie, uh!
Demigod when I'm writing down a verse, and I'm good with the hook like Maui
Wow, he's so sick: bird flu
Hop up on a microphone and hurt you
Got 'em running like chickens: no Perdue
Put these other guys to sleep like curfews
Working and writing, recording and mixing this music: yeah, I'm on my grind
Spent my life savings on making this album up in the most prestigious studio that I could find
Given this shit a whole year of my time
Every second and every dime
Putting it all on the line for this shit
Everybody is saying I'm out of my mind
Huh? I ain't crazy, though
And I'm far from another Slim Shady clone
Just aware of what it really takes to make it, though
And if you won't give it to me, I'mma take it, bro! Uh!

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