Suave The Performer

Money Longer (Lil Uzi Vert Diss)


Woo! Yahhh! Yahh! Yahh! Yahh! Yahh! Yahh!

[Verse 1]
I'm cooking up the recipe
I'm headed toward my destiny
Baby, don't you wait on me
My mind is on my regimen
You sit on the bench, you ain't getting no plays
You running with me, better stick to your lane
I ain't 'bout having no dead weight on me
I cut it all off like I needed some cheese
I'm running the game, while you taking a knee
Y'all sounding the same when y'all rap to the beat
I'm switching the flow, I move with stream
You can't even row, just get off the team
Starting a draft, but I won't have no pics
They still want to laugh while they chucking up bricks
Came a long way from me learning to mix
They calling me up when they wanting a fix
Fix it up, flip it up, why ain't trap enough?
This is the side that y'all wanted from me?
Mix it up, rip it up, why you ain't rap enough?
This what you want? Now I'm starting to see
Opened my eyes and I see through the industry
Saw all the lies but I play with the enemy
We can do business, but you ain't no friend of me
Lord as my witness, these cobras are dead to me
I'm the most versatile one in the game
I can make bangers and lyrics the same
I have no limits, the Jack of all trades
But me and you, we are not one and the same
Eating your bullets when you taking aim
The squad that I fool with gon' stick through the pain
Your boy that you keeping, that's making it rain?
He'll turn on you quick, don't you hang with them lames
Lil Uzi, boy I swear you a stain
You wasting these bars like it's really a strain
To make a real song without saying the "aye"
Wish you would at me, I'll put out your flame
I'll cripple your fame, make you walk with a cane
Maybe I'm the one that's going insane
Maybe this how people wanting the game
If it is so, man, that's really a shame
If it is so, I'll just put down the mic
And major in business and put this aside
But bet it won't blow over, this ain't gon' smooth over
My name is Duro, I come for the takeover
[Fake Outro]

[Verse 2]
Y'all thought I was done, well, I thought I was too
Back on the beat, and I'm back for round two
Mr. Uzi, so you thought that was it?
You don't get that I got in for my grit
I come with respect, since you entered the game
But the way that you rapping has got to be changed
Name is Uzi, 'cause he spitting so fast?
Come check this out, I'ma put him on blast:
I'm the one that's 'bout to put the game onto they heels
I gotta go off at the mouth, and make them hot like I'm on wheels
I got a bone or two to pick with all these rappers and their feels
And if you thinking I ain't with it, I ain't tripping, I ain't bitter
I'ma manage, like I'm Ritter, got no jacket in the Winter
I'm so hot, I got the jitters, Lil Uzi is a critter
And I'll bake him into fritter, and then eat it all for dinner
So you ride with Uzi Vert? Well Lil Uzi getting hurt
See that laying in the dirt? Lil Uzi is a turd, gone

Hold up, so how he doing it? He be like "money got longer!"
Hold up, the song wouldn't be complete without this right here, right here, watch me, watch me: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"
I'm a fool with it, and y'all gon' fool with it. Suave

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About "Money Longer (Lil Uzi Vert Diss)"

Money Longer is a diss track on Lil Uzi Vert. The instrumental itself sounds similar to something Lil Uzi would rap over, and Suave mocks Uzi as he claims that Lil Uzi Vert is a not a real rapper. Suave’s idea of rap consists of lyrical content, nice instrumentals, and of course, flow. Suave claims throughout the song that Uzi only has two of the three elements of rap.

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