Lew Salem

The Jerk


[Verse 1]
There we were, driving in my mother’s car
We were, oh so young; but not too young to go too far
I felt, so alone, when you broke my walls down, broke them all
I’ll, never forget the words you said pausing my heart

We had just begun, I didn’t expect the end so soon
In the house of my mind, the paint wasn’t dry yet in your room
I was so into you; our souls felt so in tune
And now I’m back to living in the shadows of the moon
[Verse 2]
Here we are, in a crowded place I see your face, and the
Memories came. I thought I had blocked them all, but some had stayed
Then our song came on, think I’ll walk on over to conversate, then
Another man, stole my dance, his hands around your waist

[Chorus II]
We had just concluded, I didn’t think you’d find another love so soon
The paint just finished drying in the room I made for you
I jumped too far, in my own heart, now I’m drowning in its pool
And now you’re with some other jerk, my God he’s such a tool

[Verse 3]
Normally, I don’t get petty, but I’ve been drinking tonight
And my system’s filled with Henny, you can see it in my eyes
Slowly folding into the Devil’s whispers in my ear, that’s why
I’m bout to raise some hell, soon as I’m finished with my beer
Slam it on the counter, thankfully the music’s loud
Now I’m headin’ over to you, pushing through the crowd
Almost there, my heart’s pounding; pray you don’t hear its sound
Two steps I call your name, that’s when you turn around

Oh, oh shit! I’m sorry I-I didn’t mean to grab on your shoulder like that
I thought you were someone else, I’m sorry
Oh nah nah nah, it’s-it’s my bad. I thought, I thought you were someone else
I’m sorry
Nah, yeah ya’ll have a good evening though, I’m sorry
I’mma-I’mma just leave

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About "The Jerk"

Lew laments over a relationship that ended way too early, as he was just getting used to the woman in his life.

The song goes from Lew reminiscing over his memories to running into his ex (or so it seems) at a bar, where he engages in drunken hysterics.

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