It’s not about the strength of the weapon
But the skill of those who wield it
But the ones still standing aren’t always the most skilled
Sometimes there’s something else
Something deep inside of us that can’t be measured
Those who have it, they’re the real champions

Tic Tac Squad
[Verse 1]
I’m the best that I’ve ever been
Battling ‘til there’s only one left of ‘em
And that’s when I’ll take my seat at the throne
In the end you’ll be calling me majestic, man
I’ll be here lest you fail to go and message him
And I really don’t get what the obsession is
Over possessions and what’s so wrong with questioning
Guess the passion is gone from all the pressuring
Big money corporations and monopolies kill the motives
‘Til you’ve sold your soul to be promoted with their name in the corner
I swear it’s almost over, I swear I’m getting closer
To having my dreams reality, no fakes or posers
And my name’s all on the posters, and I’ve helped people find their purpose
With music that crosses oceans and brings us a little closer
To being one whole motion and working instead of poking
But collabs requires mutual effort, this shit looks hopeless
Pour me a little motivation, headshots
Digging deep until I hit bedrock
Then the dread stops, and everyone around me living good
And I’m at the throne, living majestic just like I should
Roaming free round the world with this pen as my home
And these bars won’t contain but will give me freedom
To educate the people, to teach them right and wrong
Cause for whatever reason man they only listen if you’re on
So turn your shit off and hear me out now
It’s okay to have some fun, but you need to turn down
Don’t be fucking five different people, bruh that’s just stupid
Don’t be fucking five different people, just be you man

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About "Majestic"

Majestic is part of a trio of Broken Hearts tracks that were written and recorded in 2014. As such, there a few contradictions in mindset between these songs and the rest of Broken Hearts.

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