(Verse 1)
Stay back, don’t get caught up on them train tracks
Break that shit down, rewind it let it playback
Niggas spittin’ same raps, loopin’ over lame tracks
Want the Amber Rose, and the Rolls, or the Maybach
But the tale of the tape don’t lie
No matter what you do, you gon’ die
So keep on trying to prolong the promised
Live like we invincible ‘til death is upon us
Gone is my serenity, I let the spirits enter me
My lady’s signals fading cause she no longer connect with me
Why fight for me, if I don’t fight for you?
Why keep the dog, if Fido ain’t bein’ loyal?
Get yourself a Cujo, or better yet a Pluto
Who don’t, be sprinting through these women like a Trueno
Not saying that I do, but you could do like Badu
If you need to phone Tyrone, then, you do what you got to
It’s okay

(Verse 2)
I wonder if I run across your mind, like you runnin’ through mine
5 AM, I wanna call, but that’d probably cross lines
And I ain’t ready to shatter the things that keep us in tough
I strained the communication, I used my past as a crutch
So it never healed correctly, but you used to respect me
‘Til you saw me in my Civic and your old seat wasn’t empty
The messages you sent me, barely concealing your venting
With that bottle right next to you girl that liquor ain’t helping
Cause the fact you been replaced, out you in a dark place
So you rush n’ get a new piece, girl this ain’t an arms race
Cold War tactics, goin’ nuclear any second
Cause you lookin’ in my eyes, and all you see is a dog’s face

(Bridge II)
Back and forth, the cycle is exhausting
Back and forth, the door keeps revolving
Back and forth, I wonder what’s the cost
Of issues never resolved, the love is forever lost
And that’s okay

(Verse 3)
More texts from “Don’t Answer”, you still don’t get the hints
Tryna make a spark, when you never had the flints
Haven’t replied for months, but yet you insist
To call at 3:00 in the morning and wake up my new chick
Fuck! It’s like we trained in miscommunication
Got so off track, we never made it to the station
I answer on occasion but do it with hesitation
Cause lately your desperation been leading to confrontation
How did we let this happen?
Snappin’ at each other, the aggression getting’ way past passive
We let the soul of the relationship blacken; blacker than
Michael Blackson standing with a bottle of Kraken, damn
And now: both of us talking so we ain’t hearing the other sides
The positives and negatives both continue to nullify
You say you good on the surface, but that’s a lie
Cause no matter how you try it’s not the same with them other guys
And that’s okay

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About "Okay"

“Okay” finds Lew making peace with his past actions and breakups, though it seems that his ex-girlfriends may not know the same serenity with which he coolly releases his emotional baggage.

Thus, these women now cause issues in Lew’s current life and relationships, as well as spoil any chances of possible reconciliation and healing.

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