Gudda Gudda

Murder Outro



Lets go
Look, i get money ramblin, take money gamblin
When i roll the dice nobody move like a mannequin
The rap game im handlin, i got the advantages
They pass me the rock and then i show em' how to scramble it
Tarnish everything i touch, motherfuck you other niggas
I just get my weight up, call me gudda blubber nigga
While you get your hate up, at supper time i suffer niggas
You ain't got enough of niggas, i will call your bluff lil nigga
Three words "fuck you niggas" bitch im on that other shit
What the fuck they talkin bout, i just pick my target out
Then ill knock the target out, turn it to a slaughter house
Gudda gudda motherfucker, bitch i am the hardest out.....
My guns look like they in first grade
And you gon' need more than first aid
Im in first place, i replace them
I am THE shit, they just break wind
Im slicker than a snake in a pool nigga
And yo flow is lookin like food nigga
I abuse niggas, misuse niggas
Put em on a milk box, i will lose niggas
I got your wife starin at the jewels boy
And i dont say one word...i just let her choose boy
Im gettin money by the duffel bag
Fuck pockets, it only fit in duffel bags
Young money be the crew boy, the gunner make the nigga jerk like the new boys
Pussy nigga need a new hobby, tool let me see the keys to that mazarati
Or that bugatti....
It dont really matter nigga, pissin off these niggas like they got a weak bladder
Nigga you ain't met a badder nigga, i came here to damage shit
Like my nigga webby bitch
I be on that seldom shit
Im clean hater, new orleans gator
Behind that green paper, i will leave the scene vacant
Money ima make it, if not im gon' take it
Your girl i will take it, strip the bitch naked
I am so amazing, fire hot blazin
Ragin, cajun, they let me out the cage and screws loose in my head, im a mental patient
I want it right now, no time to be patient
Kay load the beat up, ima straight rape it
Break it in two pieces, give the beat a face lift
Ima young dental boy, i be on that face shit
Treat the beat like some new shoes, i just laced it
Its over.....gudda gudda BIATCH
Guddaville BIATCH
Im gone....

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