Lew Salem



(Verse 1)
I think I always knew I’d end up doing music
Two years of groomin’ and I’m still not fully bloomin’
It took five fuckin’ years for a nigga to get his bachelors;
If I put in one more, I’ll be 24 with a Masters

Most niggas ain’t even this educated
Let alone these struggle rappers; still no guarantees I make it
I heard stories of cut throats like finger gestures
My inner Ripper sleep; I think it’s time for me to wake it!
To many people that blew up and don’t deserve it
With too many that deserve it, too lazy to put the work in
Too many wanna leave the city for the limelight!
Too in a hurry; no patience for when the time right!

I’’m so close to the mission, like I’m in Old Town
And when I get it, best believe I’ll show the bros how!
I hear the crowd so loud; shows sold out
I see it in my cards, dawg, how could I fold now!

(Verse 2)
If Death call my number, I pray he run out of minutes
And if he try to pay a visit, he don’t reach the city limits
I got: So much work to do I’m never finished
Wanna make sure that my family’s funds never diminished

Stress on the brain like subdural hematomas
Mama prayin’ I get sober ‘fore I end up in a coma
This days, my mental sicker than the Joker’s with Ebola
It’s cause, I ain’t got chips: I carry boulders on these shoulders

Damn, lately a nigga been feeling stressed out
Money getting tight, tryna make these dollars stretch out!
I’m so hungry, you would think a nigga fresh out
Down to bare bones, hope this rap shit flesh out!
I’ve been living life secluded; I’m used to the isolation
Working to grow my music from a hobby to an occupation
“Grammy nominated” my future denomination
On an interstellar mission to die in the constellations

(Verse 3)
Okay, I’m switching up the subject
How I got these niggas tripping? I ain’t even pull the rug yet
2017: Give me the rock to pull the upset
Like Bo in ’82, I bet they’ll feel it like a gut check

Unless you helpin’ me grow, we can’t associate
Your moment might have passed you, but I’m here for mine with open gates
Can’t overstate the importance of settin’ goals today
Don’t hold your breath for me to fade, you gon’ suffocate

This year I’m coming with the Thunder
Boy I wonder what they’ll do when I back it up with the numbers
Like the Kids Next Door; I’mma stun ‘em with the come up
And I’m only getting warmer, Escondido in the summer

Hold on what the fuck is you smilin’ for?
Foolish mortals, this isn’t even my final form
Sick of the talkin’, I told the boys that it’s time for war
Push my sword above your C4, sever your spinal cord
Medically speakin’ that’s just enough
For you to live to tell the tale of the hazards of acting tough
Live to tell the tale of the ThunderKlan and its glory
And the gory endin’ to your shortened story:

To be continued…

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About "Thunderhead"

The final track to “Shambles,” “Thunderhead” is Lew’s triumphant emergence from his shambled state into an evolved form of himself.

He’s no longer afraid of his potential, and he has set his sights on being the best that he can be, no matter whom stands his way. His final statements show that he has no plans of stopping anytime soon, and that listeners should take heed of his upcoming work.

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