Fake News


My baba called me said he really worried
Of what i might say i told him i'm not in a hurry
Hung the phone up, got on twitter, saw the shooting
Wasn't ready for it..
Last twenty years feeling really blurry
All Day:
Information Overload
Refugees on Them Boats
Can't you see them social codes
How can we be rich in culture, when everybody go for broke?
If Money makes the world turn, someone please burn the doe!!!
I don't trust my phone or television
What is this hell I'm living?
It rings a bell i'm biven...
Devo-tion for my culture
No hope in politicians
Quebec is Cold Baby, Can't feel my soul lately...
I love it, I love it, I'm loving it still
Pay Your Taxes Numbers Don't Lie
But the Government Will
The way you make me feel it turns me off like Michael Jackson
No Black Or White
No Sunni or Shi'ite
We gon' be aight
Bombs Over Baghdad
I'm an Outcast, Bombs Over Baghdad
Everyday, Real Bombs Over Baghdad
North American Life Ain't that bad

If you muslim
They bannin' they bannin' they bannin' they bannin' the bannin'
Holla At Stephen K Bannon, remember that name, K Bannon K Bannon
How come the last president out in St. Vincent Copa Cabannin
Whole Brown World Image On That Cobra Commander
All I hear is Aladdin Aladdin Aladdin Bin Laden Aladdin
Rub The Lamp, Stir the Pot, and the World is Lost
Then the magic will happen
The Enemy is here - That's what they all say
I take it with a grain of Salt Bae
Man, Everything Done Changez
I'm dissapointed in Kanye (then Call me bro)
Too Canadian or Nah eh?
Floride in my lattes
Soy Almond Yoga Grande
Like Ariana, I'm sorry mama, Been on Instagram The Whole Day
Fake News, So Vague, Always, Short Taste, Phase 2 (Phase 2)
Alt-Right Might Punch a Nazi
But That's a court case, well, alriiiiggghhttt
We're Getting Trapped anyway...

WeAreTheMedium 2017

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