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Cash Machine Remix


Cash Machine Remix Lyrics

Cash machine
Money all around me
Like it's snowing
And you know it's like the wind
Cause this money I be blowing
Money in the air
Favorite kind of paper
Bout to stack it higher then a fucking skyscraper
Back in the day
I was living in the gutter
Now I'm so high
Getting bread and butter
Eating real swell
Talking bout that lobster
I'm about to kill it
Like a motherfucking mobster
I'm a keep it real
I ain't talking imposter
Killing everybody on the list
Get the roster
Niggas know that I'm doing well
I'm passing things
I ain't never failed
I keep it rolling like a carousel
I'm my own boss
Fuck a personnel
I'm staying high
I'm a touch the sky
I'm a make sure that I'm flying by
Like a birds eye
Or a fruit fly
Either way
Niggas know I'm flying high
Counting money
Got the green eye
Living truth
Never die a lie
Holy flow with the devils wings
Half damned
Half purified
But a full beast
With a couple figures
Shooting money like I'm pulling triggers
F the triggers
I'm a heavy hitter
Think you'll win
You better reconsider
I'll lay you out like a bed set
Do it fast
Straight through the chest
One shot just to digest
Next shot is a slug fest
And I'm going hard
Doing big things
Started low
Ending up a king
Got my throne
Got a lot of bling
Thanking god that I do this thing
So I'll be grinding hard
Aiming for the top
I never wanna fall
I never wanna stop
I wanna keep it rolling
Wanna keep it flowing
I wanna make sure that I never drop
So let's go
I kill it with a flow
Everybody knows
That I'm never going slow
Going so fast
Like I'm sonic with it though
Or a messed up bird eating up the coco
Man can't you see
I'm doing me
I'm counting green
Living heavenly
Living out my dream
In reality
But it feels like it's a fantasy
Like it's make believe
But I made it true
I make sure that I do what it do
Always staying first like my point of view
Always getting blessed when I say achoo
Always feeling green
I'm never feeling blue
Always question me
Like an interview
Lyrics so sick like a stomach flu
And I got the remedy
Gross revenue
Call that devotion
Nothing but work in this creation
When I'm rhyming
Powering up
Going super sayian
Chopping off the competition
Like I'm a doctor
I ain't lying bout this shit
So fuck all of these allegations
I'm a stay me
This is who I am
And you know a nigga bout to really go ham
Doing what I want cause you know a nigga can
Counting up stacks
Got so many plans
Got so many bands
Oh my damn
I ain't gotta flex on instagram
I don't have to show you who I am
I'm a just live like Sam I am
Green eggs and ham
But I'm eating that lamb
Counting that sheep
Stacking those yams
Going so hard
Like a mean grand slam
Cause you know I'm bout to hit it like whoop wing bam
This is what I do
This is how I roll
Like a big pic
You can call me centerfold
Or Call me Midas
Cause Everything I touch is gold
And I keep the lyrics hot
What the fuck is cold
This is cash machine
The remix
With the burning flames of a Phoenix
Getting mad cash
Won't hold back no secrets
Going all in
Like I'm playing poker
Talking green
Like my name is joker
Counting stocks like a fucking broker
This is good vibes like a super soaker
This cash machine
Cash machine
Yeah this cash machine
Cash machine
The remix

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