Anji Bee

Sleight Of Hand


All the world is wonderful
Filled with people beautiful
So many things to see and do
So many dreams to make come true

Still, there’s one thing to understand
Its all illusion through and through
Reality like grains of sand
Slipping quickly through our hands

It’s a sleight of hand; conjuror’s trick
A puff of smoke and it’s gone
Don’t you get caught up this parlor game
When all is said and done
You’ve been fooled

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About "Sleight Of Hand"

This song first debuted under the name “Phantasma” on the 2004 album, ‘Integration,’ by Bitstream Dream. Group leader, Rom diPrisco selected the title. The demo had formerly been titled, “Smoke,” which had actually been the impetus for Anji to try fitting this particular lyric of hers to Rom’s instrumental. This self-released album has long been out of print, which was part of the inspiration to re-record the song for Anji’s debut solo album.

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