Fantom Limb




They try to tell me yeah I’m with it bro
I’m like nah, they ain’t really with it tho
We tryna ditch the plane material
On another level nigga whatchu waitin for?

Swimming in the air astronautical
Floating through space, and you know we got the chronicals
Give the old shit a proper burial
On another level nigga whatchu waitin for?


I'm Laid back stuck in recline
Mind stuck on re-wind
The future and the past is the present we don't need time

Spend my days roam the earth like like a samurai
Inner demon slaying wanderer, call me the battousai

Change the scene like it’s on de-mand
Buzz Lightyear boy in high command
Damnit Can't y'all unn-der-stand?

Lost boy but my soul hella weightless bro
In the air, while y'all niggas on the ground like “woah” (crash bandicoot voice)


Only move where the currents go
Your whole world is only what you know
Extra weight got you moving slow
Why can’t you just let it go?

You always haunted by your own ghost
I'm telling you the least is most
Extra weight got you moving slow
Tell me what you waiting for?

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