Eric Trapton

Trust in the Dust



The dusty kid lifestyle
Drunkenly engaged in compulsive combustion about... right now
Pressing down my luck with a rusty pair of dice, wow
Snake eyes, sipping on my cider 'till I strike out
But you know that Manny's got the corners on lock
So trust in the Buck's all we ever really got
But god damn, you couldn't make this shit up with the plot
Spielberg when infielders pulling up their socks
Red or white, pick your poison, pledge your allegiance
But you know the vices are disguises of our demons
We live, humans, creatures of habit
Stuck in the same hole as a rabbit
E-Trapton, sip an Old Fashioned while I'm sailing off to Cancun and drinking with the captain
Wine by the barrel that we shipping to the BlackFinn
And we navigate the Gulf but now our map is inaccurate
You can't craft a compass if you don't have a magnet
You can't find a Genie if you don't have Aladdin
On a magic carpet, chemical reaction
Three different wishes should pitch us to give us traction

So live life and lamp up
The credence of the family fantasy that we can't touch
Nostalgia holds the dream hostage
Word to the rock solid to preach the gospel
Whole house of cards weak, watching as they topple and fall down (fall down, fall down)
Your nautical technology's inferior
Homie, have a look around, examine your interior
The wiring remind me of the flickering light post up on Cherry Wood
The new roll-outs slipping out and skipping your head up faster than Ferris would
Airless as fake Nike, scary as bad parenthood

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