Bring the bass in

[Verse: Kendrick Lamar]
Eh, I am the truth
Eh, I am the wisdom of the fallen
I'm the youth
Eh, I am the greatest
This is the proof
I work hard, pray hard, pay dues
Eh, I transform with pressure
I'm hands on, whenever
I fell twice before
My bounceback was special
Let downs will getchu'
And the critics will test you
But the strong will survive
Another scar may bless you
[Verse: Nas]
Lazer 50s
Sit back in the drop top is off Bentleys
A course with me
This tricka made Bobby divorce Whittney
Takin' candy, from Miami
Monseuir wedding ring on
Lover's Celine Dion
Hate rap
Tell me where she get cake at
She's a part-time dancer, part-time romancer
Tries to be a mother when she get the chance to
Left her husband alone to raise their son
He's in pampers

[Verse: Nas]
Caught him with his Spanish maid
He had a lighter with a can of spray
Burnin' her legs, tied to the bed
Sex, smn
Say no (?)


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