All i used to be was nothing (x2)

It all started from the ashes
In a dark place where no light flashes
I was crawling all alone...
Had no one to call me on my phone

All my demons flied
I didn't have a single place to hide
Don't look at me
Like that
Just leave me
Alone and
Turn your back

Please, walk away...
Please, don't stay!
Don't mind me

Don't blame me
It's not my fault
That I can't trust you..
That I can't trust them

My heart and I..
We've had enough...
We are so broken..
Life is too tough

And there's no hope..
Like there's no love
I want to cry out
For help..

Will you hear me?
If I do?
Will you save me..
If I need you?..

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