Um, hey it's me
I don't how to say this without sounding silly
But, I miss you

I could watch Toonami till the day that I peel
Shawty want my money, my attention, my meal
Pussy overrated waifu copping her feel
If you ain't Yoruichi get the fuck out of here
I bit the booty cheek like it was holy field ear
My wallet full of gold always keep condoms near
I say a lot of crazy shit you ain't probably hear
Unless you been around my hoes them bitches weird
Cherry blossoms in the air yeah I think I'm in love
I'm feeling awesome without caring but I think I'm in love
Yoruichi yeah she see me she be winking and stuff
Yeah I know that bitch on TV but she my turtle dove
And she got a little booty I know I can smash
If she say she want Louie purse I gotta go fast
Free the boys out the burg yeah we see it at last
We hitting mach 1 out the office fuck all the glass

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