Twenty Thousand Apologies


[Verse 1]
I've got
Twenty thousand apologies to give
I'm not sure who to speak them to
Or why I have to make do
Off other people's sacrifices that they insist on making
The rain keeps coming faster now
My heart is near to breaking

And the sound of silence rings
Like a deaf man's sort of dream
Seeping into all the cracks and corners of my feelings
And I'm sure that all will be resolved
When night turns into day
And if it's not, don't worry if I seem to go away
Because I've got
[Verse 2]
Twenty thousand apologies to say
I'm sure a few were meant for you
But after all these days
I've forgotten many things
But not as many things as you
I know this for a fact
Because you love me like you do

Even if I said some things
Made you wanna cry
Like how I wouldn't give a damn
If you laid down and died
Well I want you to know
Every word was a lie
I want the world to see me as a normal, average guy who doesn't have

Twenty thousand apologies to give
So please won't you forgive me
These twenty thousand apologies?

[Verse 3]
Twenty thousand apologies to give
So I'm leaving you a voicemail
I've got life still left to live
But just know there are a couple things that I would say to you
If I only had the time
And if I wasn't quite so blue
And the sound of silence rings
Like a deaf man's haunted screams
Terrifying, frightening
Yet also so serene
And my time will finally run out
Living here in this city
(This damn city)
This place that I've known all my life
This place I wanna leave
But if dare I do
I might never see you again

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