I met you that night and
I couldn't stop thinking about you
You are always in my mind
I don't know how to hide
My demons are chasing me in my head
I wish you are with me right now in my bed
Can you please stay for the night
Not to fuck me, just to hold me tight
Coz baby I can't sleep tonight
I want you to be mine, alright?
I always wanted to tell you that
But baby I'm bad at talking, I'm bad
Will you be by my side?
Leave everything aside
I told you that i love you cuz i can't hide
But when you said it back to me i know you fucking lied
Please dont look at me like that and say that im important
I know you lie to me i tought we had that sorted
But tonight i dont want to be alone
So tell me that you love me again
Tell these lies ive always known
Maybe it will take away the pain
I dont know how to deal with this
I wanna give you a kiss
And you know that i miss you
Without you i dont know what to do

I can see the truth beneath your eyes

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