It’s Just Life


Wanna know what it's like?
It's just life
Said It's just life
It's just life

[Verse 1]
Wanna know what its like?
Step in the shoes of the P - I - N - T - Y
And you may find
Something that was a dust inside
Only one word to d-describe
Keep it locked and alive
Move from the left to the right
I flow wid' the riddim and I go up all night
Until th-the sunlight's too damn bright
Like what you find
With what you see
In the deep blue of the big SE
Don't ask me
You'll see
A few things that'd make the eyes weep
Cutting deep
With th-the song energy
Flowin' from now till thursday of next week
Yes, yes
Its all bless
And a you will see
Standing there in disbelief
'Cause I made it here by the skin of the teeth
Seemed so easy to me
As clear as the the dark grey clouds can be
Onto the mic
The mic MC
We be getting lively with the mighty P - I - N to the T
Wendy hits not the drift
Draw of hit mandy
My fill of piff
Woah Woah, uh no shit
Can you tell this is
Only the first of a big bag of tricks
And there's
Plenty more to a-come
Young, dumb, full of the gum
With my life on the line now my life's on the run
Now waiting for some, some day
Like oh my days
Check this one before you're in a maze
So rugged
Come with graze
Yes yes
Its okay
Its alright
(Keep on going like)
Yes yes
Its okay
Its alright
(Keep on going like)

[Verse 2]
'Cause I got every right to move
Get down
Join me on another move
Try this one said here's a clue
Not by the one, not by the two
Send this one when their face turns blue
Going dazed and confused
Who gives a ooh ooh ooh?
All I wanna do do do
Is get down
And I get get loose
Not got a screw loose
Just up on a lonesome, other recluse
See me like that one time then poof
I'm done
From the days that seem so long
From the the right ones that for some reason
Turned so wrong
But I never turn my back
Same old tit for the tat
Still got my head down searching for the scraps
Not for the place where you piss on the patch
Still got a few more fish to a-catch
Never had a fact just a hunch on the back
And this be this yes this be that
Keep on going 'till it's coming right back
Yes its all just white and a-black
Same old story
Keeps coming back
Like the the realization of being trapped
Ooh ooh, feel the flow
Go through [?]
From the head top down to the tip toes
Yes yes yo
Let me raise up a toast
To the people that know
Not feeling how it goes
Red as a roast
Still white as a ghost
Like woah
Like woah
Yes yes
Its okay
Its alright
(Keep on going like)
Yes yes
Its okay
Its alright
(Keep on going like)

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