[Verse 1]
Bitch I let it rain blood, foot to snow
The pussy boy's don't get no love
Slapped on my hood and I show you what's up
A clique full of savages just out on the run
Embodied by evil and toting the gun
I lurk through the fog and I speak it in tounges
Body is left on the click of the gun
Under the bridges, where they'll be hung
We out on the West Side
Where we riding the buckets
And roll down the windows and hit with a drive-by
All of my killers just stand on the sideline
Ready to ride, and move through the night time
Moving in just round a pound through the pipeline
Fucking around and I take out your lifeline
Think i'm a bitch, just check out my timeline
Die for the realest, still repping the 5 9
[Verse 2]
Blazing the marks so close to my side
My mission to kill them suckers and just die
Wielding the blade and scorching the fire
Lord of the phonk, [?]
Walking the water like I'm the messiah
Singing the song that somebody cried
Know that you scared I see you be spying
All of my shooters are ready for hire
Toting that Glock
Messing my way through the flock
Bodies will drop
I will not be stopped
You fuck with the wrong one I know you the opp
My soul resurrected the devil just bought
See you respecting my devilish ways
Plotting up ways so I can get paid
I can tell that you a bitch
And I know you that a fucking stain hoe

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