Trap Them

Luster Pendulums


Whole watchers, sheer trusters of a greater path. I'm sure that somewhere you can find it and you can get there. As long as it's far away from me. I've got a gospel to spade your grace. I've got a gospel to fuck out all you can say. And I will. It's full of motherfuckers and snares for the paragon lives. It's actus reus and it's all you will find. If it's downward spirals here, they're down by mine. We carry out parts numb in by time, grey fortune cordial crux. Whole watchers, sheer trusters, I've got a gospel and it says "No, not for this collide. Not for an only and not for survive. If it's downward spirals here, then they'll all end up down by mine."

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