MC Roach

In Cums The Roach


Lets hear what a crazy white kid has to say about politics and shit
Go Trump

Nigga, it's C Roach
Coming at you with this Roach beat
You look dehydrated come and
drink this yummy Roach skeet
Master Chef Corbon Ramsey
Gonna come and beat your meat
She like it raw, she like it weird
Just like when I lick her feet
Ay, come and lick this dick
Ay, come and light this Bic
Ay, parents get that wick
Ay, she sure is thick
Hey, whose that fly ass chick
Come and lick my pixie stick
Ooh babe, whose your sidekick?
She don't know her politics
Bringling Brinkdingding
If you don't hear them box springs
That mean she ate all my offspring
And she's putting on her g string
Catch me when I'm rhyming
And it's all about the timing
Finding Jesus when I'm dying
Or Lord Satan for my lying
5 dollars she make and 30 in profit
Catch me in 10 years
when I'm earning my doctorate
Daddy taught me how to be a proper staffers
Uncle taught me how to be a philosophist
Never fuck with me when I'm drugging
you'll never catch me when I'm bluffing
Shoving my cock in her ass hole
She'll never know when I'm cuming
I don't cum in bitches' booty holes though
Just so y'all niggas know I do not cum in bitch's booty hole
Bomb Squad!

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