Dev not Clark

Cover Shoot


[Verse 1: Dev Moss]
I-I broke artist
The hardest goes pop and pop goes the artist
Fuck that, no way I pay for parking
In the bed I think of my targets
Reality hits, you ain't getting on with
Reality hits, says who? You on the menu
Pull over right here, you sure this it?
Guilty of the gun, but the passion is innocent...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, but the passion is innocent...
Since I was a little boy, little boy
Everyone get the FUCK down
At this moment, it might be best, if you hear me out now
Clear it out, if you ain't part of his team, this got
Nothing to do with you, pack up and leave
So here we meet, as your cover's being shot
My apologies, you know I couldn't knock
Anything you do, you say you the greatest
At your funeral I pray they add this to the playlist
No exagger-- ay you, don't fucking move
Beg for your life, you know what I came to do
Try it, making me aim at you
Ay Dennis, get back to the cover shoot
... Cover shoot... (go head nigga)
... I make the body move...
... Look exec, I did it for you...
Get back to the cover shoot, get back to the cover shoot

[Verse 2]
Take a seat, glad we could meet
What you want bro? The stacks? The beats?
Here take the keys, brand new lease
You could even drop me off at my pad on the beach
No one'll notice, 'cause I'm black famous
Where's the next nigga, it's best to get the latest
Ain't it? Here ay Ron, give him your card
Please take the card, he'll make you a star
That's on my life, that's on my wife
That's on my sidebitch, my block and my bite
Ain't no problems, fuck the commotion
Let's go man to man, show me why you're chosen
This ain't the way to go, this ain't how you flow
This ain't gonna' get you closer to the front row
You can trust me, wouldn't I know?--
YUUUP, the point blank reason you've gotta' go...
(NO, NO)

Here they come... my God here they come
I said here they come... my God here they come
You've gotta', you gotta' play me now... ha'
Seeing as your favorite, is taken out, taken out

[Verse 3]
Every source
Won't cover this
Double the coverage, talking over another clip
This ain't the half of it, that's just some of it
The blood had to spatter, had to climb up this ladder
Fun's over, 5-0 crashing
Backdoor quick, they can't see me laughing
That's a few more to my sentence
Don't judge I live this, they coming through the entrance
But, we made it out with the dead body
Who would've thought killing off
Rappers was a dead hobby
Come and get me, I'm in the booth right now
Pose for the camera, shit, this your life now
Channels surrounding, the entourage piles out
Got your wish nigga, finally with the in crowd
A reminder, for any nigga who has blew
Don't let me drop in on your cover shoot, whoa
[Ad libs]
I know you heard me my nigga
Don't let me drop in on your cover shoot, whoa

We don't kiss the babies, we kiss the crazy
Yo, yo, we don't kiss the babies, we kiss the crazy x9

I'm just playing rap game you know I love you


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About "Cover Shoot"

The storytelling, sick fantasy is missing in the game. Here you go.

‘Born Dead’ as a whole is super direct, but still open to interpretation. Something I’ve worked on for years.

In high school I was infatuated with the classic stories rap gave us. I wrote a few, but this was the first one where the beat came first. Sick shit.

Undying Love – Nas
Somebody’s Gotta Die – Biggie
Stan – Eminem

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