Dev not Clark

Come True (The Longest DM Ever)


Listen, listen
Yo, yo, yo

[Verse 1: Dev Moss]
I'm no player
(I’m… no…)
I know we could do our mind some favors
(I know... you could do... my mind)
Take a guess who's my wallpaper?
I know you like all types of flavors
Were you hurt? Soft to touch
It's your mind I most lust
Shout it out, if that's wrong
I... get...
So at peace when I hear your songs
For real... uh, for real
No, really... for real
What that mind do?
I know what that mou--wait--no wait
I'm just saying you sound like an angel
When I'm invited on, any late night
To perform, I'll sing this song
I imagine, so teasing (so fucking teasing)
You can tell that man, remain easy, ha-ha-ha
They'd be blessed to have a feature
One of one, your list of creatures
A muse, a chorus, a bridge
Your mind, your thoughts, your hips (let's dance)
We can go as slow, as we need to...
I know I need you (know I need you)
I know I need you, I know I need you
I swear... I'm not trying to impress you
I just wanna' feed you
Dream girl, dream girl
Oh, dream girl
Come true, come true
Oh, come true, come true
You hear me tryna' sing? Ha'
Hold up, if you a rapper that's what you gotta' do right?
Fuck that
(Jump out the pillow)
You could sing for me, I'll just sing for you
I'll try at least ha-ha-ha

[Verse 2]
What do I say when I see you?
And will you still be single?
Will you still be single? (Are you still single?)
Maybe I'm, so crazy...
Or crazy for you
Tell me what you've been through
Tell me where your head's at
Tell me your dreams
Where you wanna' find peace at?
(Where. Do. You. Wanna'. Go?)
I... can accept your sqeeze
And I... love the way you tease
And I, can caress your high
Can you comfort my knee?
I'll, hold that pose for a lifetime
Every second is the right time
So drawn to your smile (to your smile, to your smile)
And a vision of you walking down the isle
(Getting ahead of myself)
Never had game my whole life
I hope being me works out alright...
You don't see rappers huh? Let me ask you something
Do I talk like them? (Do I talk like them?)
Do I call like them? (Do I call like them?)
I ain't at all like them (I ain't at all like them)
Now, do you sing like them? (Sing like them?)
Wear a fake ring like them? (Fake ring like them?)
Do your thing like them? (No, no)
See, we ain't at all like them (Ain't all like them)
We could fall, in
We could fall, in
Said we could fall, in
All... over again
Over again
Or just hang every now and then
Hang every now and then, what did I do with this pen?
This is just me getting the melodies out
When I'm alone in my room (my blue dream)
You could use some company, know you could use some company
Peace... I'll see you one day... I'll see you one day
Maybe I'm so crazy
Maybe I'm so crazy
Maybe I'm so crazy
Crazy, crazy

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About "Come True (The Longest DM Ever)"

This one is about a certain somebody. All types of hints about who, but people don’t listen to lyrics anymore, so I might get away with it.

When you think of the phrase “ shoot your shot ”, think of this. But this one is from full-court with the clock winding down.

I’m speaking directly to her, no one else.

First version recorded on February 6, 2016.
Second version recorded on October 7, 2016.

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