3,4. For the love of the game. (Yep)

Gone today... here tomorrow

[Verse 1: Dev Moss]
I murder my masters (murder)
Cradle to the casket (to the casket)
You could follow me anywhere (anywhere)
And these thoughts you won't capture
Let God
Or let Gogh
The only dawn (the only dawn)
For this black hole
Who's there when the curtains close?
I loosen the mind with the once tightrope
Train of thought, do you want my brain?
The sample tells you the game has changed (whoah)
To be on this day
All the melodies must outweigh
Rappers don't rap in their songs to push records
I do
So fuck them and fuck you too (Ha-Ha)
There's two types of tree highs
Y'all take songs, then I can flip an 'Em line
Do it like this and it's hard to touch her (Hard)
Nothing worked, I made defeat my butler (my butler)
No way, 9 to 5 aren't my hours
But you need that to use your superpowers
So I put my all into it
You can't blue collar a walking Rubik's (whoah)
How is my kind supposed to come out now?
Look up
You really wanna' find out
My soul, told me to take off
Thought it was over, I gave that fat bitch weight loss
Tell me, this ain't what I'm built for
Just tell me, this ain't what you'd kill for (you see)
What I do it for
Gone today, here tomorrow
Rethink the art of war
Gone today, but here tomorrow. That's that deaducation
Where the fuck Genny at?
Where she at? Where she at? She back there somewhere?
Gone today, but here tomorrow
I know she got blew out the basement. We know that
Gone today, but here tomorrow

[Verse 2]
Words, pigs, the press
This weight, sits on my chest
You know, why I take (you know)
It's heavy to always be wake (to be wake)
My friend gave this rapper applause
Heard my song and-- Nigga get a day job
Fuck slave looters
Standing by a cooler
'Till my bones in ruins
I just won't do it
Uh, uh I just won't do it
Nah, nah I just won't do it
Please, let's save the genre
Torn apart from suits with commas
Trust me, I got us (that's right)
I can't wreck a promise (let's Gogh)
We can play check with dollars (1, 2)
Take it to the bank in my coffin
Oakland we've got a problem (that's right)
I could give a fuck about popping (oh really)
I'm in tune, my heart's hypnotic
Imagine if I hit Dre's chronic
Get lost in my pocket (that's right)
It was my Achilles, I fought it
Kill, kill, kill
Who's never thought it?
Difference is
I breathe, you talk it
What to pull from?
Still on Cool 1
Listen to my shit
Then hit me with the Wolf hum
Sick smile, I score in my head
Imagine when this God MC
Really feels blessed
Minds starving, you skipped track
Lost generation
Why you think I pinned that?
'Human Work' wouldn't lift Genny's skirt
Bet she ride my casket
When I'm doing dirt, huh
When I'm doing dirt
Bet she ride my casket
When I'm doing dirt
Bet she ride my casket
When I'm doing dirt
Bet she-- when I'm-- what

Yo, let Genny know. Looking for her. Let's Gogh
Sick smile, with the sick smile
My ex was a real cheater
Used to eat her
Revenge tastes much sweeter
Revenge tastes much sweeter
Revenge tastes much sweeter
And to think I was once a pawn
I was once a pawn, yo
This be the sickest shit I ever wrote, thus far, feel me?
I give a fuck if Genny home. I get it going regardless. You know?
(He just had his first cries)
Born Dead. What? What? Born Dead. What?-- Born Dead
I said this dream was Born Dead
I just came for my peace, with the crazy weight
Yeah with the crazy weight
I'm coming through the womb blasting
Through the womb blasting
I'm coming through the womb blasting
Go, go
Let go

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About "For Genny"

Genny = Generation.

I needed to bar the fuck out and say to her, I can do this and still get on.


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