I’m paused on set
Dreaming in scenes I saw on screen
Two hour fantasies in the sunset
With a starlet
I only know how to love when I’m young
It’s not farfetched…
Not for this unknown narcissist
Playing my part in the street scene
Under blockbuster facades
As a commoner
Edited in
The uncredited extra
Don’t you envy my success?
Or the references I tour
Glamorous and poor
Not high off the nickel bag
High off the corner store.
I find fortune
In four minute rhymes
Riding past highway exits for Bed Stuy
Better yet, gentrify.

I follow footstep in fiction
So every day is live
No work
Weekdays off in the Chi.
That’s my sports car
On Lake Shore Drive
Cause characters inhabit bipolar minds,
I’m the outlaw and the FBI
Lonely bad boy and I’m ready to die,
Ice man, that’s how I fly,
Iceberg, that’s how I rhyme.
Dress like Tess that job is mine,
Penthouse deck, that’s where I climb,
Faux brick walls, that’s my design
Cause cash rules everything where I reside

Don’t you envy my reflection?
The boy next door,
Public Enemy on tour
Lock step, in depth, I pour
Forty ounces from the CD drawer
Breathe Malcolm X-hale Nasir
Then smoke some more.
In the world of an addict,
It’s automatic.
I don’t want the drug, I just want habit,
To cheer for the tears and eat through the tragic.
No hard work just moments of magic,
Your world spins mine is all static,
Under Hoan Bridge, they call me Milmatic,
And that’s how I put tall tales on wax.
Attractive as long as I dispel the facts,
All dreams no deeds then I fade to black.

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