Bobby Shmurda

Freestyle from Jail (2017)


I say, I say, I say, I say
Hatin' ass niggas never goin' nowhere
So they don't never wanna see you go nowhere
That's why I keep the coke on the stove
And the dope by the phone
By the door, got the pole right here
And these bitch ass people gonna fold like chairs
This rich ass nigga on his own right there
Niggas gon' lie and they gon' act sly
Why they show those [???] 'cause the hoes right there
But most these hoes wanna be my bitch
But you see the way I treat my bitch
Why you think she's always into other niggas (ugh)
Why, 'cause the other nigga feed that bitch
[??] that bitch
If her car go fast you can see that shit
That's why they wanna ride and they wanna get high
Love they coupe too much, you can keep that bitch
I'ma pull off in the Porsche one time
Say she wanna kick it with a boss one time
Then she try to hit me with the talk one time
Hold up , hold up, hold up, hold up
Man this bitch....

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About "Freestyle from Jail (2017)"

Fresstyle from a phone conversation with Trav and Meek Mill

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