And the hatchet men
Wrapped in unskilled grace
In all their wisdom
Did mock and condemn
Judge and patronise
In all their idol stupidity
They decree judgement
Self-acclaimed witch-hunters
The parasites that ridicule the host

So open-minded they spit slander
So sound in ideals; back biters
When the half-truths run dry
Lies in torrents will follow
No one said it would be easy
How long before the rope breaks
Years of labour undone in an instant
And sitting in splendour are those you adore
You so adore
But when they fall from grace
It's a pit of wolves out there

An itch that won't scratch
You're tearing apart
The very banner you claim to hold so high
Are you simply so ignorant
Or just too important to try
Or are you just jealous
This your only means of attention

And you mock the stage
As you dance to the tune
And our justification
Is like casting pearls before swine

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