As tears stream down your face
Do you think that I really care
Crocodile tears fall in rivers of deceit for the last time
The last time

Your blackmailing cold eyes
Reflect a weakness I cannot show
This time you took it too far
And now
Now I'm wise
Self-pity, it's all too much
A fool to yourself
Laugh in your face

Emotional blackmail: when can it end
So do what you must, snivelling wretch
Such a blemish on your character
You build on your insecurity
Your life's an open book

The page's speckled, wasted tears shed
So read deeper, close it tight
You can kill yourself once too often
Or drown in tears of self-pity

In me you stir no emotion
Just an unwitting jester
Your look of innocence
Affection-winning ploy
Never so humble
To pity your circus of fools

Crying, wanton desire
Greedy self-indulgence
A dreamland of glory
You would claim your inheritance
Watching your world collapse
Satisfying chills run down my spine
It's crumbling down at your feet
The last on you

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