Striving for solitude where no eyes can see
Gaze into the void
Let my mind wander free

But out in the endless black hole
A thousand eyes blink in silent observation
Throwing a spinal shiver through a beaten hide
My moment is nothing to the mocking dark

Rats jumping ship - Flaming to the heavens
One more quest - The claw craves for more
A barren waste - Skeletal shell remains
Of one more empire - Been bled dry
Thunder soaring skywards
Plague ship searching
Pity those untouched
Of what they do not fear

And where will it end as they purge the abyss
Early sunset, the sky weaps red
The sly grin of science screams for infinity
Echoed through a thousand metallic stars

Night draws in
Black meets black
A silence so sombre that in a single breath
Could turn to madness...madness

Exploration into insanity
Search and they will find
Search and they will conquer
Search and they will destroy

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