The old light of dawn
All is still
The shadows retreat
Anger has passed
Eyes still weary
Sanity prevails
Coming 'round but not to your way of thought
Your ivory tower pierced those high & mighty clouds

A closed circle of friends
With the grip of impotent weaklings
So alone in your farce of brotherhood
The house of cards crumbles
A life long friend
A warmth of unique comfort
As the cards fall and attitudes change
Only time can tell
And it will
It will

Now so still
This river of life
The rapids passed
But never the last
Mere ripples on the apathy you kindled
The river's strength lies far from the banks
Perfection is for dreamers
The self-righteous fools
And when their dream dies
What then will they have?
A hand that claws the air
And a heart filled with misery

Your forethought
Life mapped out
I've no time for your ambitious career

As rays of sunlight awaken the sleeper
The light breaks through, eyes open with a start
Only the sands of time know the morrow
The past is passed, and my eyes see the dawn that is new

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