Waves crash in endless pounding
Upon shores now long deaf
They yearn again the call to the sea
The one gentle stirring now fevered dance

Once more the tide is turning

All this time staying close to the shore
All these years staying safe from the current
Gathering clan as driftwood washed ashore
Of past trend left by the tide
Over this countless drift we trod
Now we're thrust out to sea by trend
But the tide is turning

Sailing into a void of misunderstanding
Picked up on a storm of perversion

On seas of travesty
Hopelessly adrift
Mere passengers on a vessel we once sailed
A rose without thorns
Pilgrimage across the ocean
Yet this driftwood never left the shore
To emulate another culture
This farce will run aground

Ridiculed we one sailed by the tempest
Now praised
Hurled onto pedestals
How long can it last
It will come to an end

It's true that time and tide for no man waits
And what will the next tide bring

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