Asaad (Saudi Money)

For Nothing


Verse : 2
Theres mud in my fanta
I'm raising my grands up
Like my babies had a baby
I ain't even had baby
Had to get it while the gettings good
If you got it then you understood
Catch a nigga sagging through your hood
(pulling pulling my pants up)
Pussy paper power need ??
Plus I got some fuego in this ??
Bitch i'm just a youngin from del amo
Dripping with this belt by ferragmo
(300$ belt for nothing )
If she touch it, then we fuckin'
Said I got the best dick and her head lit just like a Halloween pumpkin
Gangsters move in silence but we smoke the loudest
Yo' hoe froze when she see medussa by my pelvis
Hate soul , shame on yourself
Aim at yourself
Belt loop hold up my belt
Hand on my belt

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