These past years
All this time
All this work
All this....

Growing and learning from our misdeeds
In earthen ground we had strength
Now, on this morn
We rock on uneasy seas
And slowly but surely....
Slit our own throats
Gnaw at our wounds
Turning out backs
Gnaw at our wounds
Dominoes fall

Snug in the warmth of complacency
Comfort by the mantal of safety
In the ease of ritual
The slow, choking death from apathy

Taking for granted
Stealing from a dying man
Greedily sucking dry
Then lying back content
A glance in the mirror before it all falls apart
A glance in the mirror before it all
........Falls apart

The cold, strangling, icy grip
Of apathetic resolution
An idle shrug, dominoes fall
Slipping a noose around our necks
Like a row of dominoes; the chain reaction
We're rocking on uneasy seas
Dominoes fall

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