The Reason Of Absense


Verse 1 (Young)
So what’s good my brothers, bout time we get back
Pick up where we left off and bless this track
Yo Define and Ilbril, it’s been too long
But you know I keep you both close every time I pen a song down
So fill me in, where you guys been
It’s been quite a while since Psykes was last seen
On stages, moving crowds, yeah we were fire
I rep Psykes whenever it’s my Love Soul Desire
Believe me, the ink in my pen never flowed the same way
Pre show excitement never felt the same way
For real, but it’s cool we still a crew
But it feels kinda empty rocking stages without you two
And I know this may never be permanent
But let’s ride once again and resurrect the moment
Of the days back in 06, before we lose it
But above all, it’s always brothers before music, cool
Yeah this feels good like the colors of the rainbow
And let it fill the sky, Psykes is back so let's fly

Verse 2 (Ilbril)
Let me reignite the flame that was once blazing
A fiery flame kept inside deeply burning
The one torch, that provided us with the only light
Psykes was never gone, better get your facts right
I know it’s been a while since we last spit
Trashing up the stage like as though it was a mosh-pit
Leaving the mic but you know I’ll never drop it
I took some time off so I can loosen up my spirit
Ilbril, Young and Define we never drift apart
Cause you know that we beat under a one heart
An open door that can never be shut
Ilbril will never leave it alone, you knew that from the start
So let us relive the moments together
Like back in 06 the past, present, future
The broken structure shall be made stronger
Let’s close up the gaps and do this my brothers


Verse 3 (Define)
Mr Young be asking “Where you at? Where you at?”
Define's not hibernating still ready for an attack
Took my rhyme book off the shelf and wipe the dust a little
Still feeling my pen while jotting down a few scribbles
The reasons for my absence I don’t know where to start
Cause I was dealing with complicating matters of the heart
Now I promise myself not to let priorities clash
Definitely Psykes, still be rising from the ashes
Still rocking mics like we the lyrical cannibals
Rage to the beat with the rise of every decibel
With XS, militants with a mission
Move like a phantom scoping you with our night vision
There comes a time I’mma hang the mic up
But I'mma take it down one day to show I’ve never given up
There comes we gonna hang the mic up
But we'll take it down one day to show we've never given up

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