[Verse 1]

Always been the type to stay in the back
Always been the guy that spittin the facts
Never been the type to lie on my tracks
It's deeper than rap, it's deeper than stacks
I seen a bunch a fakers made it in rap
Lose it all, steady blaming the trap
They want that lyrical miracle crap
Sorry ain't nobody got time for that
I'm about emotions, I'm about love
I'm about family, not about drugs
Could've been a thug
Momma raised me well
I don't go to clubs, I stay in the crib
Watching animes, steady sippin vino
With a Beyonce, call me Olivier
That's my real name, went through real pain
Poppa wasn't there when I was a kid
Fuck him fuck him fuck him
Fuck him fuck him fuck him
Fuck a hater too
You dont really know what I went through
Who the fuck is you, don't judge me
You don't know me and my family
My friends, my grind, fuck a smile
Bitch, take the pic and go away
Word to Kanye i'm going cray
The LVL is mine and H-K's
Game Over nigga nice play
Ain't none y'all gon' eat off my plate
The LVL's first hokage
1 love to the COB
Respect to the Trappin Ape
C.O.A.S.T. Life, yeah we fucking made it
Never had to fake it, word to Chibi
The stereos are alive

Numb Numb
I'm buzzed

[Verse 2]

I've been meditating like a real buddhist
Learnt from Bruce Lee, they don't really want this
Fuck a young dike and that nigga Judas
All that though talk won't impress the bitches
Flowing like water, i'm hotter than lava
I am the holy Mufasa
Fuck around you gon' end up scars
Yo fam told you "negro fait pas ça"
Cuz they know, I'm not the type to be playin
Nigga i'm sayin, nigga I'm saying
Rest In Power my nigga NoGame
Ali Chaotik, i'm holding the flame
Zeze LaCité, remember the name
It ain't the same
The game ain't the same
These niggas is fake
These niggas is lames
They try to kick us out like we little Wayne
They don't even know our history mayn
The fuck am I supposed to do
The fuck am I supposed to do
If I can't even keep up with my own crew
Everybody dyin, everybody dyin
I ain't even cryin, swear to God i'm tryin
Facebook, twitter, snapchat
Truthfully we don't need that
Remiscing on the old days
Use to playing video games
Every single day every single night
No friends, I was lonely
My uncle thought me how to be the shit
He told me, always mix yo' own shit
He told me always write yo' on shit
Build yo' own house with yo' own bricks
Make the family proud

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