Haters tryna kill my vibe
They don't want to see me shine
Truthfully I don't pay no mind
Cuz they girl think i'm more than fine
I make 'em sing along; Karaoke
I make 'em sing along; Karaoke
I make 'em sing along; Karaoke
I make 'em sing along; Karaoke
Got success all over my mind
Safe to say that i've been on my grind
Fancy chicks always on my line
I'm thinking back when they paid no mind
I make 'em sing along; Karaoke
I make 'em sing along; Karaoke
I make 'em sing along; Karaoke
I make 'em sing along; Karaoke


Same shit, different story
Still here so I guess I'm doing something right
Pussy niggas actin' tough on social media knowing they ain't really 'bout that life
All I care about is living off my music
Nigga I ain't got no time for that
Fuckboys need to cut me some slack

[Verse 1]

I work too hard nevermind a rap diss
Way too grown to be acting like a bitch
A nigga don't eat and a nigga don't sleep
Steady chasing my dreams, they gon' make a nigga rich
Me and Rowjay flipped the game, now it's lit
Fuck a player hater, gatekeepers ain't shit
Y'all was sleeping on me like "Green ain't shit"
Just dropped my EP, now you're back up on this dick
Max B; i'm way too wavy for y'all
Selfmade, I don't trust none of y'all
Peterman, bitch i'm never gon' fall
Being relevant is against all odds
Hating on me but you're bumping my songs
Pro'lly got your girl googling my songs
They hear my voice, and they squirt in their thongs
See them in the club, like "This is my song"

[Bridge 2]

I done told you I'm on my grind (2x)
If you ain't making moves nigga
Please don't waste my time (2x)
I'mma tryna get this money baby
Stop hittin up my line (2x)
Cuz if a nigga don't grind
A nigga never shines

[Verse 2]

I came into this game with nothing to prove
You'll never stop a King in that type of mood
All these new rappers studying my moves
I drop a tape and got all of y'all confused
Cut from a different cloth
They were made in China
I'm from Edinburgh
Never been a fronta
I don't follow rules
Kinda like Jigga
I'mma lowkey dude
(Who likes to spit his thoughts)
If I spit it, I lived it
I said it, I meant it
So hate it or love it
My name is cemented
This legacy of mine will never be tainted
Forever on my grind, these rappers just type it
On a facebook status, I swear I don't like it
Success is on my mind, I swear I'm gon' make it
On my Mama, swear I'm one of the greatest
I die tomorrow, I'm the one y'all gon' worship

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