Who Spit It Raw


Who spit it raw like NVMBR do
Yo the X clan from the regiment yeah we coming through
Who spit it raw like NVMBR do
Yo the X clan from the regiment yeah we coming through

[Verse 1: Young]
I spit it raw, smack you with drunken tiger paws
The protocol, untamed NVMBR CHLD break your jaw
The war monger, the ruckus cause fatalities
I spark the northern lights that cause glare and blind MCs
Smack you with the heavenly shit
Pierce they hearts as I randomly hit
My energy ticks, at speeds that make you surrender and quit
Fatality bitch
No mercy, when my insanity hits
The alien tongue, see padawan dreams
Remain serene, within the galactic rims
Red rum type of murder, with lithium flows
I hover above you holding on to the mirror of souls
[Verse 2: RAFX]
I’m coming through I speak the truth with a propaganda
Obey the giant, it’s a legacy on fire
We bare the flag with an X, you know we don’t surrender
We spit it raw, we spit hardcore, we the CHLD of NVMBR
The X rated rhyme poet cause we rhyme explicit
Take your nursery rhymes go play with them small kids
I got verses that could put you on the obituary
You try to bite but you wack like a parody
We the axis, the origin, got styles like a blueprint
While you kids write lyrics, we lay verses from bloodstream
Expel lyrical philosophy and this is how we fight
NVMBR be telling you, you know who spit it raw right?

[Verse 3: Tetsuo]
Who drop it raw like Tetsuo do?
Precise strike to your vitals, need no follow through
I kick it Shaolin, hidden style from pantheon
Yo I’ll be prowling, rap paragon
X'spired bars with ancient beat
I never back down, no I never retreat
Yeah back from the dead, I shine with a deadly glow
Demolishes enemies with every deadly blow
I’m one of the seven sins, capital vices
Spit it raw, beats, bass and sample slices
I slice you, I’m ill by design
Won't hesitate to kill and end your fucking bloodline
Who spit it raw like NVMBR do
Yo the X clan from the regiment yeah we coming through
Who spit it raw like NVMBR do
Yo the X clan from the regiment yeah we coming through

[Verse 4: Influent]
I ignite the warfare for this atlas
Stars shine bright as my witness
Never ever claim to be the point of your weakness
I spit it raw like right on your faces
The enlightenment, you can quote on these verses
I be Influent, best believe and remember
Like you sacrifice your own crew on the altar
7 deadly sins, you don’t fuck with NVMBR
The Rasta, up in the streets they call it murder
Syndicate absolute define like yakuza, practise
Of the sacred rules of engagement
Love your enemies like the art of this movement

[Verse 5: Ilbril]
I’ll be the reason that you start the war
The nuclear weapons that you fuckers draw
Untamed beasts, Serengeti roar
Crazy killer like the Texas Chainsaw
You know whose number one when it comes to rapping raw
Il spit it raw, break your bones with metaphors
Smashing your jaw, leave you bleeding on the floor
The rap attacks, super sharp like tigers claw
We fuck you guys up leave you begging for more
The Seven Nation Army, no one can fucking harm me
We shoot semi autos, ripping holes through your body
You are the common target public enemy
When I’m done with you, you’re just another walking zombie
[Verse 6: Rebeleon]
My apotheosis, here is my hypothesis
Revelation be the true meaning of apocalypse
Now redux, fuck a remix
Chivalry is dead cause of whore-mongering chicks
Who swallow it, me I spit it raw
Drip it off my lips while I dribble past these metaphors
Similes, herpes, boy you got those open sores
Open source beat, beat this if you got better bars
Battle scars; withdraw your troops from this holy war
Veterans, with no tolerance for you anymore
Thinking you're a megastar, ego like America
Dreaming of the States but you're stuck here in Singapore

Who spit it raw like NVMBR do
Yo the X clan from the regiment yeah we coming through
Who spit it raw like NVMBR do
Yo the X clan from the regiment yeah we coming through

[Verse 7: Mean]
Who spit it raw like the Minotaur
The one to fuck you up bad with my art of war
Sun Tzu ancient techniques
With the back flips
Take 3 down at a ago
Now that’s a hat trick
Cause I'm that sick, epidemic
Spit infectious rhymes, condition's chronic
Playing mind games, I’m breaking mind frames
In the mental, I'm crumbling your puny odd brains
Decode the alphanumerics and match the code name:
Axe gang, killer clan crew, NVMBR will reign
Spit lines of white lies no cocaine
When the X starts to kill, boy it’s no names

[Verse 8: Illohshix]
Fuck the basics
My rhymes inter dimensional like matrix
Complicated rhyme schemes like advanced matrices
You hating this, but too afraid to face it
Black asteroids, enter the void with space kids
High as space ships, yet underground as basements
12 bars raised as faces shows amazement
Blazing the purp, be nice with your words
Else my boots on you head with your jaw on the curb
Drum loops, samples with a pinch of reverb
Add in my vocals; blast the track to be heard
“Who spit it raw?” These kids be asking
Fuck it, let this verse answer your question

[Verse 9: Maddie]
I'm coming through, the Tao of Wu
You better know who you talking to
I'm coming for your crew
And the motherfucking hip hop you claim you do
Claim you true
But you've never stepped in the booth
When emcees turn prophets, spit messages, undeniable truth
Real rap never need hot clothes
Just hot flows
So fuck your expensive shit and your cheap hoes
I overdose on emcees
Like a cannibal I'm hungry
Just Incredible, another league
Spray carbon, now you can't breathe
You helpless, now you on the floor
On the same plain with an open jaw
Mark a X so whatchu waiting for
Hardcore on every heart's core
Wage for different art core
YouTube plays, don't represent skills
I spread the art by keeping it real

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