Dedicated to the Sowl Sisters
'Preciate the love

[Verse 1]

I'm sitting on the passenger seat
Reminiscing 'bout the old days while we riding through the streets of Laval
Realizing that i've came a long way
27, no baby momma, my Gramps would've been proud of me, Wow
I'm sick and tired of this 9 to 5, it's killing my vibe
It pays the bills and all but music keeps me alive
Ain't tryna chill at all, I'm tryna change people's lives
Fuck a turn up, this that shit that'll make a real ninja cry
See when my grandfather died, I couldn't even cry
I'm the type of guy that keeps all his emotions bottled up
Some say I need to loosen up, I tell 'em shut the fuck up
Never needed a psychiatrist, my fam knows wassup
I was raised different, we don't trust people like that
My state of mind's different, you don't get to know me like that
My circle's tighter than my earring hole
Wasn't for this music my thoughts wouldn't unfold
Truth be told, i'm feeling old

I swear they don't understand me
They act like I had it easy
Been through it all like a squeegee
Reminiscin' about a homie
Who told me : "stay on yo' grizzly"
"Forget the fame, get yo' money"
But I guess sometimes all you can do is play the game
They see you on yo' grind but they can't feel the pain
They only care about you, when you have a name
Or a dollar sign in yo' name

[Verse 2]

Back from a office christmas party
Turning up never been my fortay but I had to kick it with the homies
Usually at parties I keep my distance from the ladies
But this, vino got a nigga feeling like P. Diddy
When this music gon' pop off I wonder if they gon' miss me
I usually don't care but truthfully I'mma miss 'em
I see, my co-workers way more than my fam
Seems like it was yesterday when I was a self-centered man
Learning how to step on your pride makes you a better man
Being introverted don't mean you can't have fun with your friends
I'm far from being perfect, still got stuff to work on
Had to *cut off* some peeps just to clear the vison
Life's great, some people hate, but I ain't trippin
This the new improved Green, The LVL renaissance
The jokers are out the deck
My focus is on them checks
I'm rarely even stressed
Cuz God always keeps me blessed
Wass' Da Deal?

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