Keys For The Dead


Verse 1 (Mean)
Pick a poison to drown to, tonight I’mma drown fools
In blood and dripping acid, slay your heads with a sharp tool
Contented with the pleasure of breaking your necks
Mark the emblem on your heads, best not mess with the X
Purple this purple that, turn you purple when I attack
You better come correct or the feel the wrath of the X
Complex styles on records, blazing heat on the tracks
Yeah I come with the crack, when I’m dressed in all black
24:19 yeah we murdering cats
No animal abuse but I be slaying these cats
Went to the future and back, still number one with swag
And I be running this shit, still I ain’t breaking a sweat
Marty McFly with the style
Hieroglyphics with the rhymes
Pentagram on the crown
Triple 6 with the sound
Oh you ain't down with the X
You must be better than that
Clap back snap necks, XS on deck
Chorus (scratches)

Verse 2 (RAFX)
Samurai sword bringing you the keys of the dead
Call in the Megazord, NVMBR's here if you wanna play
RAFX burning this track if you don’t know
Metaphorically intelligent, so catch my flow
I turn to music when my life become impossible
Nothing physical, her beauty heals me like a miracle
Experience the magical in the state so, surreal
The basis of my strength, you know she’s irreplaceable
Castrate anything that goes against my movement
Eliminate the cataracts that try to blur my vision
I march forth since elementary conquer my mission
I won’t stop till I fucking reach my destination
These verses are curses to those that don’t believe in me
And up here and downwards and you ain’t seen the best of me
My verbal attacks turn your disses into silence
This 16 bars, will murder you like a virus

Chorus (scratches)

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